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Dear Friends and Dear Customers:
Welcome to a largest wooden roses world, we produce all kinds of wooden roses to the world everyday, we bring the love, happiness to the world everyday. The world is exciting and our roses is exciting ...
We're the largest professional wooden roses manufacturer in the world --- Yuanyang Flowers Co., Ltd. Since established the company from 2000, we have been focusing on the research, development and production of the wooden flowers. In this field, we have the best technicians and equipment and accumulated the best techniques and experience and have formed the largest scope of production and supplying ability.
Yuanyang flowers co., Ltd, Tianjin of China. We are manufacturer of  fine wooden roses.
Research and development department is one of the major sectors in our company, managed directly by our general manager. We have been making great progress. Our customers mainly from North America and Europe regard us as “ Great businessman” and “Best Supplier ”.We are well established because we are honest, capable and boast of good business standing, quality guarantee and whole-hearted service .
We are well established because. we are honest, capable and boast of good business standing, quality guarantee and whole-hearted service Our product have covered nearly all range of this industry.
We are the inventor of the wooden roses! Our company manufactures wooden small rose, wooden large roses, wooden half open roses, wooden open rose, new long stem wooden roses etc.
Our wooden roses are very suitable for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Harvest, Halloween and Christmas.
We can produce any style roses you offer.
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Welcome to purchase  from us.
We have plenty of experiences in artificial roses field. We are more aggressive, positive and sincere.
We located in Tianjin, Northern China, where there are cheaper labors and resource, hence with cheaper cost, comparing those manufacturers and traders in Tianjin of China.
This is some information about our company:
1.Our Company business type is manufacturer.  The Export percentage of our Products is 100%. We have more than 10 years' experience in producing and exporting the artificial roses( especially wooden roses), dried flowers( drying flowers) and artificial flowers( silk flowers).
2.We produce skillfully by hand all kinds of artificial flowers including wooden flowers( wooden roses) and silk flowers and dried flowers( drying flowers) . We are also specialized in wooden flower( wooden roses) from natural material.
3.More than 660 talented and experienced artificers and many other workers working. We have 12  production lines now, and they are enlarging each month.
4.Catalog: Wooden flowers (wood roses), Green Grass, Silk roses, Silk leaves, dried roses( drying flowers) and other artificial roses. (please see our detailed website catalog on homepage).
5.Sales areas: Worldwide , mainly in America and Europe. In each year, We supply the Europe and the US markets with 2,000,000,000 pcs annually of various kinds of wooden roses.
6.Sales and production capacity per month: Commercial quality more than 16 containers.
7.Wooden rose( wood rose) is our main products: more than 10 kind of styles, 56 kind of colors.
8.New design wooden flowers( wooden roses) come out on regular basis. We can help you to win more profits and success with our honest work.
Our advantages: Best quality, high quality roses, bring you more profit and future market. Best support, a useful support plan convenient you to develop the market.Best service, all is to for your convenience. professional and meticulous service, save your time and energy.
We suggest you have an overview of our online catalog and see our full fine collections of artificial flowers. Then please take your time to place an order if the price is ok. We have strict quality guarantee, competitive prices and best service.
Welcome to co-operate with our company.

China Yuanyang Flowers Co., Ltd.
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